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Galvanised Pipe

SWASTIK PIPE LTD uses the Electric Resistance Welding process to manufacture pipes and tubes ranging in nominal diameter from 15mm (1/2 inch) to 300mm (12 inches) and in wall thickness from 2.00mm to 10.00mm.

Tubes are manufactured from edge trimmed Mild Steel Strips Slitted from Hot Rolled low Carbon Steel Coil conforming to IS: 10748-1995. These edge trimmed strips are mechanically formed into required circular shape and high frequency electricity, i.e., 4,50,000 cycles/second is then used to fuse the pipe together to from a weld joint thus become homogeneous part of the completed tube. The tubes then passes through the sizing section where dimensional tolerance if any are corrected, where after they are cut to length and ends beveled before hydrostatic testing.

Thereafter they are sent for protective surface finishing operation such as Hot Dipped Galvanising or Varnishing as per specific requirements. The tubes are offered beveled, plain ended or threaded with screwed & socketed.

> Water, Gas & Sewage pipes
> Structural Purposes
> Idlers / Conveyors
> Water wells (casing pipes)
> Electric Poles
> Automotive Purposes
> Scaffolds
> Air, Steam, Oil & Gas transmission